Joel Mesler: Show Schmo

March 3, 2020 - April 4, 2020
Tuesday, March 03: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Dear Darren,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. I have been quite busy, as I see you have been too. I’m writing you today to once again invite you to my art show at Harper’s Apartment. For this show, I have done a couple of things that I think you would appreciate and enjoy (isn’t finding joy so important these days?).

When I moved into my current location in the Hamptons, it was previously occupied by Glenn Horowitz Bookseller. When they moved out, they left behind a large amount of their published books and several stacks of their poster announcements. I can’t exactly remember when, and perhaps I felt not worthy to use new paper and materials, but I found myself painting out these books and posters. Perhaps I felt that since nobody asked me to do a book, I would just take the opportunity to publish my own, and by doing it this way I didn’t have to worry about the binding. Haha!

As they began to accumulate, these worked-on books and posters, I realized that they all already had my address, and Harper’s, on them. So, with a dash more of white paint, I crossed out Glenn’s name and put mine and Harper’s on it. It was like, hey, maybe someone cared enough to make posters and books about my artwork. And since Harper shares the same address in the Hamptons with me and is a dear friend and sponsor of mine, I thought what a great reason to show them together with Harper.

Now Darren, we've both been around the block once or twice, so I knew this wouldn’t be a complete art show without a few paintings. So, in this case, I made a few affirmation paintings. You know, things to keep your head up every day, because let’s be honest, the life that chose us (being an artist) is not always so easy.

Darren, I hope you can get a chance to see it, and perhaps even stop by the reception and say hello.

Thank you for listening,

Joel Mesler